WPCIndia  provides a variety of engineering & construction services to new and existing wireless carriers. Whether you’re in the beginning construction phase or expanding coverage in an existing market SMC’s engineering & constructing teams can assist your efforts. Some of the many services we provide include


·     College/Campus/Hospitals

      Wifi Networking.

·     Microwave Relocation

·     Vendor Selection/Equipment Procurement

·     Technology Migration


Operations Consulting
WPCIndia provides a variety of marketing services to new and existing wireless carriers and vendors. Whether you’re in planning & development, full operations or looking to acquire new markets, WPCIndia can provide the services you require. Some of the many services we provide include:

WPCIndia has a very skilled management team with extensive experience in all aspects of wireless operations . You would be hard pressed to find more in depth experience at any carrier in India. Whatever the task, chances are we have already accomplished that task for ourselves and/or our clients, numerous times before. We know where the pitfalls and efficiencies are. So before you increase your staffing, consider outsourcing the task to WPCIndia. Many times we can do it more efficiently. Besides, isn’t it far easier to manage WPCIndia on a project than all of the other elements of completing the task?

Simply put, we provide our clients the telecommunications management resources and processes required in today's complex telecommunications environment. Whether it’s getting Approvals from multiple Government Departments to ease your burden, resolving frequency issues, providing expert resources for a one-time project,  WPCIndia is the answer.