For New Telecom companies who wants to enter Indian Market 

  1. Provide consultancy services to foreign Companies right from entry level,such as getting regulatory approvals from FIBP and reserve bank or any other government department for operations in India, tied up with leading chartered accountants/ Lawyers for this.
  2. Finding business places and offices for such companies.
  3. Finding business partners for such companies.
  4. Helping in business promotion through various media.
  5. Getting equipment approvals form TEC/ BSNL

    For Existing Telecom/ISP in India: 

  1. We specialize in Frequency, SACFA & Equipment type approvals from WPC wing of Department of telecom.WPCIndia interacts on behalf of its clients with LR section of DOT for various approvals and regulatory clearances. Service providers can utilize our services instead of maintaining a team or employing staff for this purpose. We guarantee confidentiality.
  2. We provide consultancy to corporate/private sector to use wireless for their networks in terms of regulatory clearances, Identifying right kind of equipment and vendor.
WPCIndia has a very skilled management team with extensive experience in all aspects of wireless operations . You would be hard pressed to find more in depth experience at any carrier in India. Whatever the task, chances are we have already accomplished that task for ourselves and/or our clients, numerous times before. We know where the pitfalls and efficiencies are. So before you increase your staffing, consider outsourcing the task to WPCIndia. Many times we can do it more efficiently. Besides, isn’t it far easier to manage WPCIndia on a project than all of the other elements of completing the task? 

    For Wireless Equipment manufacturer Worldwide: 

    These equipment are supposed to undertake certain test as per specification laid. In other countries the cost is exorbitant and time taken to complete these tests is much. We intend to facilitate the testing of these equipment at Electronic Research and Test Lab (accredited Testing lab) at reasonable cost and time. 

    We also facilitate acquisitions and mergers